Full Tender Process

Take advantage of our professional tendering systems to provide the best outcome for you. We will negotiate with the builders on your behalf, bypassing their sales process and avoiding sales fees, while using our processes and procedures to ensure you are comparing the builders on an “apples for apples” basis.  

Select from our pool of building designers and architects, or bring your own design. It is at this stage that we establish your budget and steer the design and selection progress towards your needs.

At this stage we seek Development Approval from the local authority if required. We may need to engage the services of a town planner, depending on your design.

We match your design and specification desires with the most suitable builders from our pool of Perth’s best. At least three builders will be selected to provide a fixed price tender for the construction of your project.

We use our systems and templates to fairly and accurately compare the pricing and inclusions from the shortlisted builders. This information is presented to you, along with an opportunity to meet with the builders who have submitted a price.

You select the builder that feels right for you. We will have recommendations, but this is ultimately your decision! Ensure you are comfortable with all of the information provided and that the builder aligns with your desired outcomes.